Does God exist?

For the religious and atheists alike, this must be the most important question anyone can ask. The simple fact that billions of people consider themselves to have some allegiance to a deity means that this question deserves to be seriously considered. Many of those believe that the answer to this question has a massive significance on us. For our own sakes we all deserve to soberly and fairly consider whether God exists. This question, like all important questions, demands that we put our preconceived ideas to one side and consider the facts and their consequences fairly. With this website I aim to help you (and me) sift through the hype and prejudice so that we can answer this question rationally.

I won’t force you to believe in anything. In my opinionyour freedom to answer your own questions is more than your right; it is essential for you. Although I have a Christian faith myself, I won’t patronise you with religious dogma. There are too many people who dominate the debate with religious dogma on the one side verses atheistic fundamentalism on the other.

I’ll be asking some contentious questions and presenting answers that will challenge and provoke Christians and Atheists alike. Many of these questions will be ones that you’ll have asked yourself. Please, just click on any topic and start reading. You may agree with me; you may even be angry at me, but if I can encourage you to think about the most important question in a fresh way then I know that we’ll both benefit.