About Me

Rick ParusselMy name is Rick Parussel (pronounced like carousel) and I live on the south coast of England. It was in 1994 whilst I was in my early 20’s that I found myself asking whether God existed and what kind of god he was. At the time I distrusted the Christian religion and had no desire to follow it, but as I asked questions about the existence and nature of God I found that Christianity seemed to provide answers. It wasn’t long before I had decided to become a Christian myself and had joined an evangelical church. I was immediately consumed by the experience of my new faith and over the next fourteen years that experience dominated the outworking of my Christian life.

However, it was in 2008 that my faith, which was once strong, started to be replaced with doubts. A busy life and scepticism had become a barrier to me experiencing God. My doubts soon led to questions and before long I was beginning to question the very existence and nature of God again. For the first time in many years I could see how Christianity appeared from the view point of an unbeliever and I realised that if my experience-based faith was no longer answering my doubts then it wouldn’t be answering the doubts of unbelievers either.

I became determined to ask the questions that other Christians seemed to only be giving cursory attention to. The search for truth and reality guided me rather than the search for an experience. The answers that I found surprised me, enlightened me and, to a certain extent, frightened me. The result was, I believe, a rationale that will be helpful to both the Christian and unbeliever and that will act as an inspiration for them as they too embark on their personal search for truth.

Please, read my thoughts contained in this website and send me your comments. In this way I hope that we can both motivate each other to discover the answers to the most important questions ever