Delia Knox healed of a spinal injury

If you only have the time to investigate one healing then this is probably the best one to choose. Due to the high profile of the healing and because Mrs Knox had a public profile beforehand there is a large amount of video footage available on the internet. The healing itself was profound; it was filmed and can be viewed on video-sharing websites.

A life changing accident

A near fatal car accident on Christmas day in 1987 left Delia Knox paralysed from the waist down. Some spinal injuries can improve slightly for up to a six month period after the initial trauma, but rarely after nine months. A year later Delia Knox was still paralysed and had no significant feeling and no movement at all in her legs; there would have been no medical prognosis for a recovery. In the decades that followed she developed a ministry as a Christian singer, released albums and on a number of occasions was filmed singing from her wheelchair.

For many years after the accident she steadfastly trusted that God would heal her, but as the years turned into decades her expectation for a healing waned. Eventually, her faith was replaced with a fear of disappointment and she began to feel uncomfortable attending Christian healing meetings.

Healed after 22 years

It was on 27 August 2010, over 22 years after the accident, in The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival church in Alabama that her situation was instantly and radically changed. She watched while two parents brought their baby up to the front of the church for healing. She found that her fear of disappointment for her own healing was replaced with compassion for the child. Shortly afterwards, evangelist Nathan Morris called her forward and prayed for her. After a few minutes she began to experience feeling in her legs. The prayer persisted and after several more minutes she was able to stand with assistance from others and take uncoordinated steps.

Over the next few days she was able to build up some strength in her legs and gradually learn to use them again. A week later she walked again in the same church, but with much less assistance and with improved coordination. After several weeks her coordination and strength was sufficient for her to walk unassisted and she was filmed walking up a flight of stairs to her parents front door and also walking and singing at The Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival church.

Examining the evidence

In my topic, Modern day miracles, I define four criteria that a miracle must meet before I will consider it to be evidence for the existence of God. The first two state that the medical condition must be fully understood by modern science and that there must be no known natural phenomenon that can bring about the recovery. Although, I am not aware of the exact category of Mrs Knox’ spinal damage I think it is fair to assume that an injury that has caused paralysis for over 22 years would have no known medical cures and there would have been no prognosis for a natural recovery. As far as I am aware no-one has made even a gradual natural recovery from such an injury, let alone a rapid recovery such as Mrs Knox’. Spinal injuries are also sufficiently understood by medical science to know how limited their recoveries are. The placebo effect or the effects from adrenalin can not overcome paralysis caused by a spinal injury.

The third criterion states that the healing must coincide with a spiritual event of some kind. In this case it is clear that the healing coincided with Nathan Morris’ prayer. Finally, the fourth criterion states that there must be evidence that the initial condition existed and also of a genuine recovery. In Mrs Knox’ case, the evidence is entirely in the public domain. A simple search on video-sharing websites will show a trail of videos confirming that Mrs Knox spent a couple of decades in a wheel chair. Several videos exist of Mrs Knox singing and being interviewed from a wheel chair, even as far back as the early nineties. The event of her healing itself was recorded in a video and there are several other videos that show her progress over the subsequent few weeks and months.

This miracle cannot be attributed to mere exaggeration. The changes to Mrs Knox’ condition were just too profound; 22 years of paralysis with no feeling in her legs instantly ended and were replaced with ongoing feeling and movement.

I’ve included several links to the above mentioned videos here for you to follow. Sadly, it seems that some people interpret these events from an atheistic world view without even considering their contents and then draw a conclusion that Mrs Knox must have been a hoaxer. Some have even become angry that Mrs Knox has created a hoax from such a serious and sensitive subject as paralysis. Anyone who assumes that Mrs Knox is a hoaxer without considering the evidence simply because it does not line up with their personal world view is in danger of exhibiting arrogance. It is also grossly insensitive to Mrs Knox who, we should assume at least, may have suffered considerably with her paralysis for over 22 years.

Considering the hoax accusation

Personally, I cannot see how this could possibly be a hoax. Mrs Knox is clearly recognisable in the videos, and her youthful appearance in the older videos is clear proof that they aren’t recent fabrications. It is may be possible for a hoaxer to have conveniently been videoed in a wheel chair at one point in their life and to have fabricated a history of paralysis from that. However, Mrs Knox’ public profile has ensured that the videos and pictures of her in wheelchairs are too numerous to be as a consequence of anything other than permanent disability.

Delia Knox also has an identical twin. However, there are videos of both standing together that quickly dispute any claim that the miracle was conjured by a simple role reversal and that the real Delia Knox is still wheelchair bound.

The final evidence that this was not a hoax is the genuine emotion that can be seen in all of these videos. The tears of Delia Knox, her sister and her parents are so sincere and so moving that it is difficult to see how they could be a mere act. If our rational mind cannot allow us to believe that a genuine miracle has occurred then maybe we at least can allow our own humanity to accept that something deeply moving has happened to these people.

Links to videos

5 thoughts on “Delia Knox healed of a spinal injury

    • Hi Darren, thanks for your post, which prompted me to do some further investigation. (I had written the post many years ago and I needed to refresh my memory of the facts.) A pastor of a church I previously attended works alongside Shake The Nations ministries (the charity led by Nathan Morris the evangelist who prayed for Ms Knox). In response to your post I asked him to ask them about the cause of Ms Knox’s paraplegia. The pastor happened to be due to join them on a mission in Latvia, so he used this opportunity to talk to Nathan Marrow (someone who has worked alongside Nathan Morris in Shake the Nations since 2007). Nathan Marrow confirmed that Ms Knox’s paraplegia was caused by a spinal injury from a crash 22 1/2 years prior to the healing. Nathan Marrow said that no-one would fake an injury that confined themselves to a wheel chair in the hope of an evangelist coming to pray for them 22 years later. It’s difficult to gauge the context of the brain tumour/head injury from the short clips you provide. I can’t see anything here where Ms Knox states that the brain tumour/head injury that she recovered from was the cause of her paraplegia, only that she had a miraculously fast recovery from these. The fact that she makes this claim whilst sitting in a wheel chair years before the recovery of her spinal injury suggests to me that she didn’t associate the brain tumour/head injury with the cause of her paraplegia. It’s clear to me from the videos that I shared that she made a sudden recovery from long term paraplegia at the moment when Nathan Morris prayed for her.

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